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Current Clinical Trials Activity

Research Delivery
The mission of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is to ‘improve health and wellbeing through compassionate, safe and effective cancer care’. The delivery of research for patient benefit is fundamental to our vision to ‘provide the best cancer care to the people that we serve’. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Department of Health are increasingly challenging NHS Trusts to deliver ‘faster and easier’ clinical research.  We provide proportionate, robust governance to assure compliance with legislation combined with a proactive, rapid delivery of research studies through the NHS permission process that supports the goals of the North West Coast Clinical Research Network (NWC CRN) enabling the NIHR targets and set High Level Objectives (HLOs).

Performance reports in initiating and delivering research: NIHR Benchmarks
We report directly to the NIHR on the achievement of the benchmarks which they have set to measure the set-up of studies and recruitment of the first patient (Initiation) this is 70 days.  The second benchmark is the recruitment of participants to the studies against the target and timelines set (Delivery).  The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre's delivery to these benchmarks is given in the spreadsheets below:

CCC Performance in Initiating Research (PII) Q1-4 2014-15

CCC Performance in Delivering Research (PID) Q1-4 2014-15

CCC Performance in Initiating Research (PII) Q3 2014-15 

CCC Performance in Delivering Research (PID) Q3 2014-15 

All currently available Clinical Trial Updates, correct as at end of February 2014.

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